Cancellation Of Classes

Students enrolled in cancelled classes will be notified by the Office of the Registrar so that they may select an alternate course during the drop/add period


Withdrawal From The College

Students withdrawing from PSC are required to file a Notice of Withdrawal from College. This form may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar and must he properly signed by all signatories requires on the withdrawal form.

The form may be signed either by the Dean of Enrollment Management or the Registrar and must be returned to the Office of the Registrar. Properly submitted forms will he signed within two business days and the date signed will serve as the official withdrawal date.

If a student withdraws from PSC during the first five weeks of classes (the refund period), all courses will be dropped from the student’s record and the student may receive a tuition and fees refund in accordance with the refund schedule. If the withdrawal date follows the refund period, a grade of “W” will be permanently recorded on the transcript for all classes the student was enrolled in at the time of withdrawal. Students who fail to secure, complete, and return the Notice of Withdrawal from College to the Office of the Registrar will be required to pay all fees and charges incurred during the semester.


Release of Transcripts and Diplomas

Philander Smith College will release transcripts and diplomas only to students who are not indebted to the college. Students requesting transcripts and diplomas who are indebted to PSC will be notified within 3-5 days that the documents cannot be released due to indebtedness.



To request the release of transcripts, the student must complete and return a Request For Transcript to the Office of the Registrar. There is no fee for transcripts and requests will be processed in 3-5 working days. Telephone requests are not accepted.



To request the release of a diploma, the student must complete and return a Request For Diploma to the Office of the Registrar. There is no fee for diplomas and requests will be processed in 3-5 working days. Telephone requests are not accepted.


Change in Class Schedule

All class schedule changes must have the written approval of the advisor and the Registrar. No credit will be given for courses which have not been officially processed by the Registrar. Course substitutions must be completed within the published dates of the academic calendar for the appropriate semester or term. A course dropped within the official change period and during the published refund period will not appear on the student’s transcript. If a course is dropped after the refund period and before mid-term, a grade of (W) Withdrawn will be recorded. There is no charge for schedule changes.


Academic Load

A full semester academic load is considered 12-16 credit hours. Students who maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or more may take a maximum of 18 hours with approval from their major advisor and the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. Working students may be advised to take a maximum of 12 credit hours. A full summer academic load is six credit hours for each summer term. The maximum load for students with less than a 3.5 cumulative grade point may not exceed 18 hours per semester or six hours for a summer term, except for senior students, who will be permitted to carry a one-hour overload during the last enrollment period if the one-hour overload will complete Graduation Requirements. Students with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 may request permission of the chairperson of their Division to schedule up to 21 hours in a semester and seven hours in each summer term. To receive permission to register for these overloads, students must complete a form available in the Office of Academic Affairs, which must be signed by the student’s advisor, Division chairperson, and Vice President or Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. Students may only apply to take a course overload when the student is attending classes five days per week.

At no time may students enroll in more than 21 hours during a given semester, or seven hours during a five-week term. The total academic load resulting from concurrent enrollments at Philander Smith College and other institutions shall not exceed the maximum listed above. Independent studies are to be included when computing the academic load for a student during each enrollment period.